Little Lovers
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Little Lovers


“Little Lovers” is a creative venture born from the shared passion of Hans and Kim for puppets. Delving into the realm of playful imagination, they revel in the art of crafting puppets, from robots to hearts molded in clay, each uniquely embellished and brought to life. These little creations serve as more than just objects; they become the protagonists of an alternative, fantastical world where creativity knows no bounds.


These whimsical characters transcend mere playthings to become representatives of unique artworks. Placed within carefully chosen environments, each little lover assumes a distinctive meaning, weaving narratives that speak to the heart of Inject Love’s ethos—celebrating the magic of creativity, love, and the endless possibilities that emerge when imagination takes center stage.


“Little Lovers” invites viewers to embark on a journey into this enchanting world, where every puppet becomes a storyteller in the grand tapestry of Inject Love’s artistic expression.