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The Lips Performance by Inject Love is a unique and mesmerizing artistic expression that transcends conventional boundaries. Beginning with a seemingly ordinary canvas, whether it be a wall, a room, or an unexpected object like a car, Inject Love transforms the blank slate into a living, breathing masterpiece. The canvas is kissed with real lipstick, with the duration of the performance contingent on the size of the chosen space—ranging from four hours to an immersive eight days.


What makes this performance truly exceptional is its dynamic nature; sometimes Inject Love kisses alone, and on other occasions, they invite groups of people to partake in the installation, creating a collaborative, shared experience.


The canvas becomes a testament to the intimacy of the act, capturing the essence of time and participation. Inject Love’s Lips Performance transcends the conventional boundaries of art, leaving an indelible mark that challenges perceptions and invites viewers to reconsider the very essence of creative expression.