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The Confessions/conversations project spanning six houses in a cité in Ghent was a poignant continuation of the “My Heart Beats: Love Beyond Limitation” exhibition, a collaborative effort with VZW Wit.h and 17 artists with limitations. This unique endeavor aimed to delve deep into human emotions, providing a rich and interactive experience for participants.


In the first house, the focus was on limited words and expressions, emphasizing the inherent challenges of communication. The second house became a sanctuary for people with limitations, offering a space of understanding and solace. The third house confronted individuals with themselves, as they stood before a microphone and camera, sharing their personal limitations. The fourth house transformed into a round table setting, facilitating conversations among participants about their individual challenges. In the fifth house, darkness prevailed, creating an immersive environment where recorded voices shared personal reflections on limitations.


The journey culminated in the sixth house, where participants engaged with the “sinking love letters.” This interactive installation invited them to playfully arrange the letters as they wished, providing a hands-on and creative expression of their emotions.


This holistic exploration of human limitations, spanning from the verbal to the sensory, facilitated meaningful connections and conversations, fostering a deeper understanding of the diverse experiences of those involved.