About Us
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Inject Love embodies a belief in the absence of a hierarchy in culture, embracing the idea that creativity can draw inspiration from any source. This principle has significantly shaped Inject Love’s identity. Through mediums such as street art, interventions, and performances, Inject Love communicates dissenting views, prompts questions, and articulates global concerns. At the core of our artistic approach is a playful exploration of the omnipresence of love in our daily lives.


Our constructive form of art serves as a catalyst for contemplation, encouraging viewers to reflect on someone or something. Beyond self-expression, it sparks meaningful dialogues and invites individuals to engage with the profound messages woven into our creations.


Kim Brusselmans and Hanse Cora (instagram.com/hansecora/), as artists, navigate the delicate balance between collaboration and individual exploration in their creative journey. Embracing solitude, they find inspiration in the quiet recesses of their minds, allowing for a deep, personal connection with their craft. Simultaneously, the dynamic interplay of working together brings forth a rich tapestry of emotions, where conflicts, tensions, and discussions become the catalysts for new and innovative creations. In this dance between solitude and togetherness, they discover the unique alchemy that fuels their artistic expression.