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“Gallery Works” pays homage to the artistic journey shared with Gallery N2, an acknowledgment of their unwavering support and belief in Inject Love throughout the years. These art installations, thoughtfully placed on the gallery walls, stand as a testament to the collaborative spirit and the creative exchange that flourished within the space.


In light of the recent closure of Gallery N2 due to health reasons, “Gallery Works” becomes a poignant reflection on the significance of this artistic partnership. The installations serve as both a visual tribute and an expression of gratitude, underscoring the vital role played by the gallery in nurturing and motivating Inject Love’s formative years.


This collection encapsulates the memories, inspiration, and shared passion that unfolded within the gallery’s walls. “Gallery Works” is not just an assemblage of art installations but a heartfelt recognition of the profound impact that Gallery N2 had on Inject Love’s artistic evolution.