My Heart Beats
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My Heart Beats

The transformative impact of the ‘My Heart Beats’ project, centered on the theme of love beyond limitation, has been nothing short of profound, reshaping our lives in immensely positive ways. Executed in collaboration with the remarkable artists with disabilities and the organization ‘Wit.h’ in Kortrijk, this endeavor became a poignant exploration of creativity and human connection. Immersed in Wit.h, we shared precious moments with these talented artists, fostering an environment of open-mindedness and receptivity for an entire month—a period filled with deep emotions, boundless optimism, and, above all, love.


During the initial week, we engaged intimately with seven artists, capturing their essence through photography and conducting individual interviews. These conversations delved into the themes of love, friendship, dreams, and art, with the poignant quotes accompanying the images serving as reflections of their thoughts. In essence, this collaboration became a journey that brought us closer to our own selves, unveiling layers of humanity and resilience. It also served as a powerful revelation—these artists, despite facing disabilities, demonstrated an unwavering spirit that transcended perceived limitations.


Their narratives challenged our preconceived notions about disabilities and showcased that love knows no bounds. Conscious of their unique circumstances, these artists navigated life with grace, resilience, and a profound understanding of their emotions. The authenticity of their expressions left an indelible mark, demonstrating that genuine emotions are universal and profound.


The impact of ‘My Heart Beats’ reached far beyond Wit.h, with the photograph of a girl with Down syndrome in a wedding dress gracing one of the largest front covers of The Standaard magazine. This moment not only provided national visibility to the exhibition but also became a powerful symbol of inclusivity and beauty, challenging societal perceptions and celebrating the inherent worth and dignity of every individual.