Summer of Antwerp
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Summer of Antwerp


The Summer of Antwerp in 2012 marked a milestone for Inject Love as we received a unique commission from the ‘Zomer van Antwerpen’ organization, involving the creation of 10 art installations scattered throughout the heart of the city. What made this project particularly special was the clandestine unveiling of these installations, each emerging mysteriously one after the other during the summer. This initiative served as Inject Love’s inaugural large-scale installation project, setting the stage for future endeavors.


Distinguished by a diverse range of emotional artworks, each boasting a distinct style, this project stood out by offering viewers a variety of artistic experiences. The intentional departure from a singular style added an element of intrigue and captivation for those encountering the installations across the city.


One standout piece, “Darling,” positioned on a vast wall and constructed from car back mirrors, has emerged as an iconic artwork. Its allure has endured over time, drawing visitors who continue to be captivated by its unique and emotive presence. The Summer of Antwerp 2012 project not only marked a significant chapter in Inject Love’s portfolio but also left an indelible impression on the city’s artistic landscape.