Inject Love | My heart beats
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My heart beats

‘My heart beats’, love beyond limitation.

Like so many things, also this beautiful project changed our life in a very possitive way… , It was a project in ‘Kortrijk’, ‘my heart beats’ (love beyond limitation), where we created the expo together with artists with disabilities and the organization, ‘Wit.h’. We took the time to be present in the studio and work together with a lot of the artists, a time with eyes wide open, empty mind ready to listen and absorb, a whole moth with deep emotions, optimism and love, in other words… CREATIVITY.

The first week we photographed 7 of the artists and interviewed them one by one. We talked about love, friendship, dreams and art… The quotes on the pictures are things they said during our conversations.

We can summarize as follow. They brought us closer to ourselves, confronted us with even more disabilities that we have and showed us that theirs doesn’t hold them back like we sometimes think. Their disability does not inhibit love, on the contrary. Conscious of here and know and how to deal with it, they are so and do so. Emotions are always clear. Real, sincere and moving profound.


February 22, 2016